Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download Windows x32/ x64

Support OS:
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 MP Drivers
Windows 108.1,  87VistaXP
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 XPS Printer Driver Windows
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 Mini Master Setup Driver Software Package

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download  OS X x32/ x64

Support OS:
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 ICA Driver Mac OS X
macOS Sierra,  El Capitan, YosemiteMavericksMountain Lion , LionSnow Leopard, Leopard
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 CUPS Printer Driver Mac OS X
Printer Canon Pixma MG5320 Scanner Driver Mac OS X


Canon Pixma MG5320 Printer Reviews– The Canon Pixma MG5320 encourages families, workgroups and individuals to print creative photos with new software features such as HD Film Printing, fun photo filters, and Pixma Cloud Link. We Still have a few complaints. The Printer does not have an Ethernet port, so you need to connect to Wi-Fi for network printing, and when you do not have the high-yield ink cartridge option, replace all five of the standard size inks Cost can be overhauled. Despite These warnings, MG5320 is gaining our recommendation for the competent performance in our speed and quality tests, and the extras you receive in exchange for $150 compensate for the shortcomings of connectivity.


The Pixma MG5320 has a slimmer silhouette than we used to see in Canon and features a unique design with folding trays to reduce the overall footprint. The Printer measures 17.8 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep and below 7 inches with folded paper trays. 18.3 pounds, rear-mounted, 150-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) and five internal ink tanks are lighter than the eteric lining, Pixma MG6120. With These specifications, it should be relatively easy to carry around your home or office.

MG5320 also costs less than MG6120 to 50, because there is no touch screen panel. In Fact, we prefer additional fixed buttons on the Control Panel, because it makes it easy to quickly find the buttons needed to access a job. The top of the Printer hosts one-touch copy, scan, and print buttons, but you also get a touch screen button and a circular dial that clicks through the menus on the 3-inch LCD screen. You can adjust the brightness level of the display by going to the Settings menu and tilt the screen forward and backward to get the viewing angle you want.

MG5320 ‘s top and bottom folding 150-sheet paper trays allow horizontal and vertical movements to accept a range of paper sizes from 4×6-inch snapshots to legitimate pages. The Total 300-page capacity means that you can store the standard tray in the lower tray and the photo paper in the ADF, and a paper sensor in it automatically knows which one will be coated depending on your business. The Trays themselves are made of a lightweight plastic that is easy to break; We are concerned about their durability.

Setting up the Printer is easy, regardless of how you choose to connect it to a computer, and the Setup disk provides onscreen instructions that guide you through two options: 802.11 b/g/n Wireless or a simple USB cable. Most printers in This series also include an Ethernet port for wired network connectivity in small offices, but Canon removes this important feature from MG5320, so if you prefer instead of $200 MG6120 you can withdraw an extra 50 dollar from your wallet. Regardless, if You plan to use the printer at home or with a single computer, this will not be a problem.

USB installation is standard for printers and the instructions are easy to follow and apply to the same Wi-Fi setup. If you have a wireless router with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button, all you need to do is press the button and automatically connect the Pixma MG5320 to your network without having to enter your username and password. Otherwise, make sure you have this information.

From there, you can choose Easy Install for direct help or Custom Install if you want to sort the additional features you want; These include the Easy-PhotoPrint EX to manage digital photos, and MP Navigator EX to guide you through the scanning process. And the Pixma Cloud Link, which lets you print directly from the Canon image Gateway portal or from a Picasa account. Note that if you go to Comprehensive Easy Setup, you will need more free storage space on your hard disk.

After the Installation is complete, Windows users will be aware of a few new buttons displayed above the taskbar in the lower-right corner of the screen. These shortcuts are designed to provide quick access to five of the most commonly used printer functions: Scan a Document, Edit Print, Photo Printing, Show Home Screen, and Hide Toolbar.

Canon’s HD Film Edition, automatic photo filters, Pixma Cloud Link Edition, and the new imaging package with integrated disc-tagging make the Canon Pixma MG5320 more useful for amateur photographers.

If the Printer does not have an Ethernet port for a wired network connection, and the high-yield cartridges are not used, supplies can be expensive.

We recommend Canon Pixma MG5320 and photo-friendly features for photographers who shop for a display device that does the best of amateur photographers, but step-by-step Pixma MG6120 is more suitable for multi-user offices.


The MG5320 also includes Canon’s HD Film Printing feature; This allows you to take photos from photos taken with compatible Canon HD camcorders. We tested the Printer with a high-end handheld camera and were impressed by step-by-step instructions from the Canon Solution Menu EX software.

With the Software, you can edit video footage and make a moving clip to capture still images from the videos. It’s as simple as selecting a video snippet and hitting the “grab ” button to capture a group of 10 frames or select single images. After That, you can edit an image to reduce and clarify noise, and although the SD95 only has 720p video resolution, the software supports real 1080p digital SLR cameras like this one. When This is done, you can even print custom disc and Jewel box labels using the multipurpose tray positioned just above the paper input tray and personalize them using the templates that are accessible from the software package.

Finally, Canon’s new HD Movie Press tool lets you combine multiple still frames from one video into a single snapshot — for example, you can combine all your golf hit positions in one photo. The cover of the MG5320 removes the five ink cartridge slots for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink tanks, and when you change the monochrome mode in the driver preferences, only another high-capacity have pigment black cartridge..

This should prolong the life of a smaller black cartridge because it only runs out of color print mode, and MG5320 users can get all the cost savings that each ink set costs per page is 5.2 cents a single color page. 13.4 cents for the need and color. These prices are significantly higher than the average cost of consumables, and the Canon Internet store does not mysteriously sell high-capacity cartridges for this model.

Aside from Printing functions, the copy function of MG5320 has all the features you expect from a multifunction printer. You can enlarge the Original copy by up to 400 percent or fit the entire document on one page. Other options include two-sided copying, borderless copying, full duplication, cropped copy, and one-to-four photo collages.

Scanning is also typical with options to open the file directly to your computer, as an e-mail attachment, or to be scanned as a PDF or in an application. You can save All documents as TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, or PDF files; The scanner now supports movies and negatives. The Negative and sliding holders live under the document protector under the lid, and the scanner supports document sizes up to 8, 5×11 inches in size. If you tend to scan at the highest resolution Available, the MG6120 can reach 4,800 x 4,800 dots per inch (dpi).


With the impressive text and presentation speed output of MG5320, we are surprised by the difference between the time it takes to print photos and the pages of color graphics. The Text does not match the page 8.11, which can be counted per minute in the page test, and falls to the second row, then a slow 2.06 page loses momentum in the color graph and 1.02 full-color photo snapshots per minute and falls to the bottom. Despite the results of This polarized speed test, it is unlikely that you will notice the differences as a consumer, unless you repeatedly print a large number of pages or text pages. Nevertheless, MG5320 is not the best artist for busy offices, but we do not hesitate to show the quality of the output in the meeting room presentation.

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